The Corinth Chamber participates in many european projects;

  • The hema Erasmus sport project: 

This is a 3 year project whose goal is to develop physical activity and mobile activity in companies. Today, 210 million Europeans are physically inactive, which costs the EU around 80 million euros a year.

The European commission, Erasmus+ program and European week of sport co-funded #Hemaproject in order to boost physical activity in the workplace ! #Beactive.

This project is coordinated by the European Federation for Company Sport in association with European Cyclist Federation, Chamber of Commerce of Corinth in Greece, European Platform for Sport and Innovation, University of Coimbra in Portugal, Estonian association Kalev, Finnish Club of Tampereen Pyrintö, Daugavpils municipality in Latvia, Sport Vlaanderen, and Club des Villes et Territoires Cyclables in France.

Contributing to the Hema project takes 10 minutes, you just have to answer a questionnaire documenting the current situation in Europe.

Physical inactivity is more than just a health issue at European level today, this research is for businesses and workers interested in improving the health and well-being of workers.

To join the project, you have to:

  1. Download the VCC APP on your phone
  2. Register
  3. Synchronize your phone or wearable device
  4. You are ready to go !


  • ICCEE Horizons 2024:

ICCEE is a three-year program launched in September 2019 and funded by the European Horizon 2020 program, which aims to improve the energy efficiency of cold supply chain food and beverage businesses with a holistic approach.

The project raised awareness of energy efficiency in the cold supply chain industry at every organizational level, from senior management to operational staff.

The final event was held on June 28, 2022, in Belgium, to present the results of the ICCEE European Project of the HORIZON 2020 framework, in which the Chamber of Corinth participated as a partner.

To assess to which extent the ICCEE national trainings supported reaching companies’ energy efficiency and sustainability targets, ICCEE asked participants for an estimation.

With nearly 100 answers, the total estimated savings and triggered investments are as follows (conservative estimation), for 2025 and 2030.

2025 2030
How many MWh of electrical savings do you expect to obtain with these measures? 1735 MWh/ year 2010 MWh/ year
How many MWh of thermal savings do you expect to obtain with these measures? 1715 MWh/ year 2730 MWh/ year
What would be the overall investment triggered? 42,81 M euros 48,2 M euros


  • WAC, Workplace Active Certification:

WAC, Workplace Active Certification, is a three-year program under the auspices of the European Federation for Sport in the Workplace and is supported and co-financed by the European Commission and the Erasmus+ program. This program aims to create a European certification (ISO) for health, well-being and physical activity in the workplace.

By participating to this program;

  • Your company will become a member of the first pilot group of companies that will help create the European WAC certification. This certification will be recognized by the European Commission and your colleagues for the management of physical activity in the workplace.
  • You will collaborate with other companies and professionals at the European level participating in the program and you will be inspired by common practices and experiences.
  • Make your employees more productive and happier.
  • You will have extra prestige and recognition to a pioneering company.


  • Audit to measure:

We are excited to share insights from the #AUDIT2MEASURE project!

Our mission is to help industrial companies reduce energy consumption and transition to climate neutrality.

With our innovative “Audit2Action” approach, we’re translating energy audit findings into actionable steps for significant savings.

Our latest report outlines how to evaluate and compare energy-saving measures, offering technical and engineering support to streamline the process. Within our strategy, assessing Energy Saving Measures (ESM) is crucial.

We’re dedicated to providing managers with solid data and a technical roadmap to overcome informational barriers and make cost-effective ESM adoption a reality. Do you want to reduce energy consumption in your industry and accelerate the adoption of energy saving measures ? Then the conference “Energy Efficiency in Industry” is for you !

We are pleased to announce the realization of the conference “Energy Efficiency in Industry” which is organized by the Chamber of Corinth together with the National Technical University of Athens and the Center of Renewable Energy Sources. The conference will take place on May 14, 2024 in the central hall “Mercury” of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, under the auspices of EBEA and we invite all interested parties to actively participate in this important dialogue by initially declaring their participation through the link provided below.

Join us in driving energy efficiency and sustainability forward!


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